General Register Office

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Mormons, have digitised their microfilm copies of the civil registration indexes of births, deaths and marriages from the start of registration (1845 for non-Catholic marriages, 1864 for all others) up to 1958 for areas now in the Republic of Ireland and 1922 for areas now in Northern Ireland . These are the indexes only. In most cases, to obtain the full information contained in the registration it is necessary to take the index information to the General Register Office and purchase a printout copy of the register entry.

  • The Mormons also have microfilm copies of a small proportion of the original registers. Of these, there are part-transcripts of the birth registers 1864-1875 online at the “International Genealogical Index” section of the main Mormon website,

  • Waterford death registers 1864-1901 are searchable online

  • Partial transcripts for Cork

  • User-submitted information of variable quality

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