Letter to the Editor from a member of the British Expeditionary Force

26th of February 1915, Page 5

A Bet in Francs: Letter to the Editor from a member of the British Expeditionary Force
Courtesy of The Waterford News

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British Expeditionary Force in the Field, 18th Feb., 1915.

Dear Sir - I have read a letter by one of my townsmen which appeared in your paper of the 12th inst., and I wish to put forward the suggestion that you might possibly be able to pulish a list-of the names of men from our city now serving at the front. I have seen such lists appear in English papers.
I have been in France from the beginning, have been in some ‘‘warm corners," and have covered a good area of this country. I receive your paper regularly from home, and. needless to say, it is aiways welcome. I have met a few from the old country, and we can honestly say that the Irish regiments have given a very good account of themselves.
By a curious concidence. I was reading your paper one day, when I happened to be down at the base railway station, when one of the Munster Fusiliers, who had just arrived seriously wounded from the front, seeing the green ‘un on the seat of the motor car, eagerly asked me if it contained the result of the Hurling Final. He said he had " a three franc bet" with a pal of his in the ambulance train. Is not this not fine example of the cheerful and light- hearted Irishman?
Hoping you will consider my suggestion, as I am sure there are many families concerned who would be pleased to give their assi stance in compiling the list.

M. DAVID O’GRADY Corporal, Army Service Corps, Mechnical Transport, B.E.F.

(We should he glad to publish a list of Waterfordmen at the front, if their relatives care to supply their names and any particulars they may have.-Ed. W.N.)

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