Parcels for Prisoners

The Waterford News - 1st of April 1915, Page 8

Parcels for Prisoners
Courtesy of The Waterford News

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To facilitate the delivery to prisoners of war and interned civilians of money and of parcels of a larger size than the regulations of the Post Office allow, theWar Office has sanctioned the appointment of a Prisoners of War Help Committee, the executive of which consists of Sir Charles Lucas (chairman), Mr. Roland Berkeley (hon. treasurer), Lieut.-Colonel C. J. Fox, Mr. W. J. Thomas, Mr. N. E. Waterhouse, Mr. B.W. Young (hon. secretary). The committee have secured the services of the American Express Company, with agencies throughout Germany, and while it is impossible to guarantee delivery it is believed that the arrangements that have been made are the best that can be devised. No charge will be made for forwarding either money or parcels. The committee cannot accept either money or parcels unless they be sent in accordance with the r egula tions which have been laid down; par ticulars of which can be obtained frorn the hon. secretary, Mr. B. W. Young, the Prisoners of War Help Committee, Savoy Hotel, Embankment Entrance, Victoria Embankment, London, S.W.

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