Parcels for the Troops at Christmas

The Waterford News - 26th of November 1915 - Page 2

Parcels for the Troops at Christmas
Courtesy of The Waterford News

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Parcels for the Troops at Christmas

The Post Office issues the following :- Christmas mails for British Expeditionary Force in France and Flanders - parcel post.
The War Office notifies that, in military interests, it is necessary to limit the amount of parcel traffic for the troops during the Christmas season. The great bulk of mail traffic already dealt with at normal times is already a very severe tax on the transport service. The amount which the roads will carry is limited, and ammunition, food and stores must naturally have preference over the mails. Any considerable increase in the volume of mail must inevitably lead to serious delay. The public are, therefore, requested, as well as in their own interests as in regard to military exigencies, to limit the use of the parcels post to articles of real utility. Fruit, perishable articles of all descriptions, bottles, pudding basins, and the like, are prohibited, and will not be accepted for transmission. The maximum weight for a single parcel will be reduced to 7 lbs. as from Decmber 1st. All parcels must be strongly and securely packed in covers of canvas, linen, or other strong material. Parcels which do not comply with these requirements are unlikely to reach their destination safely, and, if observed in course of post, will be returned to the sender. The name and address of the sender must be written on the outside, and parcels which do not comply with this condition will be refused.

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