Waterford Prisoners of War in Germany

The Waterford News - 28th of May 1915, Page 5

Waterford Prisoners of War in Germany
Courtesy of The Waterford News

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The committee for the relief of the prisoners of war in Germany wish to acknowledge with thanks the receipt of the following :- Mrs. Power, 4s. ; Mrs. Hennessy, 3s. ; Mrs. Hearne, 2s. ; Miss Ardagh, cake ; Mrs. Forde, cake ; Mrs. Power cake; Mrs. Hennessy, cake; Mrs. Murphy, sweets ; Mrs. Hearne, parcel.

The following men have written stating they are prisoners and Waterford citizens,

--Corpl. M. Sullivan,
Pte. J. Mernin,
Pte. P. Moran, 9407;
Pte. F. Kelly, 1086;
Corpl. J. Dwyer, 9362;
Pte. P. Hyland,
Pte. P. Moore,
Pte. T. O'Loughlin,
Lance-Corpl.M. Wall, 5250;
Pte. E. Duggan,
Pte. J. McCarthy,
Pte. J. Whelan, 8702;
Pate J. Murphy, 10503;
Pte. T. Power, 7662;
Lance-Corpl. Leyden, 5054;
Pte. M. Turney, 10741;
Pte. J. Green, 7085,
Pte. J. J. White,
Lance-Corpl. J. Roche, 6974

As these men have given no home address would their relatives or friends kindly communicate with the secretary, Miss G. Stphenson, 14, Gladstone-street


The following men have been sent parcels :-
Corpl. M. J. Pender, 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Regiment;
Pte. J. Harney, 2nd Batt. 20th Hussars;
Pte. P. O'Keefe, 6039, 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Regiment;
Corpl. J. Abbott, 7108, do.;
Pte. P. Goggin, 6268, d o .;
Pte. P. Daniels, do.;
Pte. J . Boyd, do.;
Pte. J. Tubbritt, do.;
Pte. P. Malone, 9195, do.;
Corpl. P. Doyle, 2nd Batt. Irish Guards;
Pte. W. O’Brien, 9209, 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Regiment;
Pte. M. Ryan, 10494, do.;
Pte. J. Murphy, 7173, Royal Munster Fusiliers;
Corpl. T. Hennessy, 8538, 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Regiment;
Pte. J. Hennessy, 6300, Royal Irish Regiment;
Pte. J. O’Brien. 3495 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Regiment ;
Pte. W. Wright, do ;
Pte. P. Galvin, do.;
Pte. P. O’Connell, 6155, do.;
Pte. J . Flavin 3805, do.;
Pte. J. McGrath, 6787. do.;
Pte. T. Keane, 10746, do.;
Pte. W. Heaney, 7120, 2nd Batt. Leinster Regiment ; Lance- Corpl. P Grant, 5606 Royal 1rish Regiment, 5606, Royal Irish Regiment ;
Pte. Dunne. 10629, 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Re giment;
Pte, T. Young, 6383 do.;
Lance-Corpl. I. Lawson, do.;
Pte. T. Finn, 8063, do.;
Pte. J. Byrne, do.;
Pte. P. Power, 5106, do ;
Corpl. J. Flynn, 7087. do.;
Pte T Hearne, 7514, do.;
Pte,. M. Hearne, 1890, do.;
Pte. J. Kennedy, 10698, do.;
Sapper J. Butler, l0519, Royal Engineers;
Pte. J. Kennedy, 5924. 2nd Batt. Royal Irish Regiment; Pte. J. McCarthy. do.,
Lance-Corpl. R. Hayes, 9894, do.:
Sergt. M. Fitzgera , do. :
Lance-Corpl. J. Dooley, do. ;
Pte. Kennedy, do. ;
Pte. C. Whelan, 6755, do.,
Pte. J. Power, 7129. do

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