Waterford Soldier asks for Haircutter & Razors

The Waterford News - 24th of September 1915, Page 5 (Last Edition)

Waterford Soldier asks for Haircutter & Razors
Courtesy of The Waterford News

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Waterford Soldier (R.F.A.) Asks for a Haircutter and Razors

We have just recieved the following letter :--
6426 D., J . Morrissey,
135th Battery,
32nd Battalion R.F.A.
4th Division, B.E.F.. Sept. 19th 1915

Dear Sir -- Having been out in France for the past thirteen months I ask of you to do me a favour in placing an advertisment in your most valuable paper by asking any kind person who would gratefully forward out to me a haircutting machine, a pair of scissors and a razor as we are are in a bad way in the battery as in regard to keeping our hair cut. Dear sir, having worked for a big employer in the city for a couple of years I think I will be able to keep our battery's hair cut. It takes us a ll our time to keep ourselves clean. Sho uld any kind person accede to they would be gratefully and thankfully received. Being a Waterford man I trust my request will be a bit lucky. I may also mention that I get "The Waterford News" regular every week, and it takes many a weary hour from me in the lull of the day. I must close now hoping to hear from you soon.

-I remain yours truly, a faraway Home Ruler ,


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