Military Items; Irish Troops ; Waterford Officers

The Waterford News - 4th of August 1916, Page 8

Military Items; Irish Troops ; Waterford Officers
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Before the outbreak of the war there were in the regular army 20,780 men of Irish nationality; the special reservists numbered 12,462, and the reservists who joined the colours on mobilisation came to l7,804, or a total of 51,046. To these have to be added the recruits who joined the colours since mobilisation, and they numbered 99,837, giving a grand total for this country of 150,183. Among the recruits were 22,546 National Volunteers and 25,265 Ulster Volunteers. The reservists who were in the National Volunteers numbered 7,615, while those in the Ulster Volunteer came to 4,352. Therefore, between reservists and recruits the contribution of the National Volunteers was 30,161, and of the Ulster Volunteers 29,617. The National Volunteers of Dublin contributer 2,986 recruits, and altogether the recruits from Dublin numbered 17,536. To complete the return we should have the number of persons from this country who have joined the Navy. In January last the return for the Navy was 8,546.


To our lists already published of Waterford officers the names of Lieutenant E.V. Meredith and Second Lieutenant Wm. F. Bassett should be added.
The former is a son of Mr. W. E . Meredith (Messrs. Bassett and Meredith). He was gazetted Lieutenant in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment in October, 1914. After training at the Isle of Wight he was sent out to Gallipoli, in 1915, in charge of a draft, of the South Staffordshires, and there he joined the Royal Warwicks. He was twice slightly wounded, and in November, 1915, he was invalided as suffering from "trench feet" and sent to Malta and Palermo. He is at present attached to the 1st Garrison Battalion of the Royal Scots at Alexandria.
Second Lieutenant Bassett is a son of’Mr. Meredith’s partner. He is with the Black Watch at Salonika. Another Waterford officer is 2nd-Lieut. H. W. Strangman, son of Mr. John Strang-man, of Summerland, who has been serving in Flanders and France for the past twelve months in the 80th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.

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