Waterford Nurse Honoured ; Brave Waterford Seaman Honoured by the King

The Waterford News - 9th of November 1917, Page 8

Waterford Nurse Honoured ; Brave Waterford Seaman Honoured by the King
Courtesy of The Waterford News

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Among the list of names published of ladies who have been honoured for valuable service in connection with Red Cross work, is the name of Miss A. Cullinan, who has received such merited honour, went army nursing about twelve months ago, and last month was appointed Matron of Weston Favelle hospital, Northampton.


The distinguished Service Medal was awarded by His Majesty to Leading Seaman Thomas McGrath, R.N.R., of the Auxiliary Patrol Service, on 27th June, 1917, for exceptionally good work in that hazardous and vitally important branch of naval war operations. As this brave man lost his life in the performance of duty three weeks after the award was gazetted, he was unable to receive the coveted decoration. In compliance with His Majesty's wishes, and in accordance with instructions from the Admiral Commanding-in-Chief, Lieut-Commander R.C. Carew, Royal Navy (Divisional Coast-watching Officer, Irish Southern District) has presented the decoration to the widow of the deceased seaman who resides at Waterside, Waterford, and has one son aged 7 years. Mrs. McGrath has also received a personal letter from Vice-Admiral Sir Lewis Baly, K.C.B., C.V.O., Commander-inChief on the Coast of Ireland Station. The deepest sympathy of the inhabitants of Waterford will be felt with the young widow in the loss of her husband.

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