Poor Law Elections 1884

Although the result of the Poor Law elections in Carlow Union may be somewhat disappointing to the National Party, the defeat of popular candidates need occasion no surprise, when the system of voting is considered. The property votes, the validity of which there was no means of testing, completely swamped the occupiers vote. The analysis we append at foot will enable our readers to see the way in which the proxy and property votes operated. The board has lost two respected members, Mr. Hugh Cullen and Mr. P. Brennan. The former was beaten by four and the latter by eleven votes. As there will be a scrutiny and investigation into the voting in this and other divisions, it is possible the decision of the returning officer may be reversed. It is stated that if the authorities of Carlow College had taken out the votes to which they were entitled, Mr. Brennan would have succeeded in retaining his seat.

Occupiers votes shown in italics
Property and proxy votes shown in ordinary type

James Butler, Conservative 72 35 =107
P. Kinsella, Nationalist 89 1 =90

Chas. J. Magrath, Nationalist 168 42 =210
S. Crosthwaite, Conservative 95 64 =159

J. Dillon, Conservative 21 28 =49
W. Carran, Nationalist 38 2 =40

Rathoran and Ridge
Michael Jeffers, Conservative 64 71 =135
Hugh Cullen, Nationalist 127 4 =131

Ballickmoyler and Shrule
Wm. Edge, Conservative 42 82 =124
P. Brennan, Nationalist 96 17 =113

Ballymoon and Fenagh
Robert Watson, Conservative 93 102 =195
Patrick Kearney, Nationalist 137 4 =141

M.M. Murphy, Nationalist 88 1 =89
F.A. Malcomson, Conservative 29 27 =56
James Keegan, Nationalist 30 0 =30

Rossmore and Ardough
M. McWey, Nationalist 119 1 =120
S.R. Carter, Conservative 30 38 =68

Wm. Hone, Conservative 91 76 =167
Thomas Keogh, Nationalist 110 9 =119

John Byrne, Nationalist 84 0 =84
Nat. Burgess, Conservative 23 54 =77

Burton Hall
Thos. Corrigan, Conservative 75 97 =172
Walter Cummins, Nationalist 131 19 =150

Corries and Slyguff
Henry Burgess, Conservative 111 71 =182
Thomas Maher, Nationalist 114 1 =115

It will be seen from the above that there were a number of contests, and on the whole that the Nationalists have lost one vote.

[This is an extract from the Nationalist 29th March 1884]

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