Other Artists' Interpretations

Other Artists' Recordings of the Carols

1. Artist: Anúna

- Album: Anúna

- Song: "Jerusalem"

- Released: June, 1997

- Record Label: Universal

- Amazon.com Catalog Number: 53085

- ASIN: B000005B2U

This album features Anúna's reinterpretation of just one Kilmore Carol, "Song for Jerusalem"

2. Artist: Keith Donald

- Album: The Calm After The Storm.

- Song: Darkest Midnight

This CD includes one version of "On Christ's Nativity". The album is available exclusively through Keith Donalds website -> www.keithdonald.com

3. Artist: The Voice Squad

- Album: Many's The Foolish Youth

- Song: "Kilmore Carol"

- Released: January, 1996

- Record Label: Tara Records

- Amazon.com Catalog Number: 4004

- ASIN: B000001JBQ

Again this album includes a single recording of the band's reading of "A Carol for the 12th Day"

4. Artist: Noirín Ní Riain

- Album: Darkest Midnight

- Released: 1996

- Record Label: Sounds True

- Amazon.com Catalog Number: 322

- ASIN: B0000037AJ

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