Ból Chumann na hÉireann/The National Assoc.

Bol-Chumann na hEireann was formed in Enniskeane, County Cork on the 20th of November 1954.

Bol-Chumann na hEireann was preceded by the ad hoc, All-Ireland Bowlplaying Association which was composed of all Cork men, under the Chairmanship of Conny Connell of Blackpool, Jim Cadden of Gillabbey Street, Hon. Treasurer Jimmy Deane from Gurranabraher, Tommy Healy, Jack O'Shea, (the famous roadshower) and Tim Healy.

The All-Ireland Bowl Players Association organised the first senior championships in 1954 which was won by Liam O'Keeffe from Waterfall. He defeated Ned Barry also from Waterfall. This final was played in Cloghroe, near Blarney, County Cork on Sunday October 17th. O'Keeffe's winning margin was a bowl of odds.

The Executive Members of Bol-Chumann na hEireann formed in Enniskeane at that meeting on November 20th 1954 as follows:

Chairman, Flor Crowley, School Teacher from Dunmanway. Hon. Sec. Eamonn O'Carroll, School Teacher from Kilcrea, Treasurer: Hugh O'Neill.

The roads selected at that meeting for the First Championship under Bol-Chumann in 1955 were all in County Cork, The ???? Road, Enniskeane Road, Macroom Road, Derrinsafa Road, Kilcrea Road.

In 1963 the first ever All-Ireland Final took place between Cork and Armagh. The contestants were the Cork Senior Champion, Derry Kenny of Clogheen and the Armagh Champion. Danny McParland.

The final took place on Sunday 4th of August on the Moy Road, in Armagh. A crowd estimated in excess of twenty thousand watched this history making final which was won by the Armagh player Danny McParland by the last shot.

The meeting that led to the formation of the All-Ireland Senior Championship series took place in Bandon, County Cork on Easter Sunday, 14th April 1963 between the representatives of Armagh and Cork. The Devonshire Arms Hotel hosted the meeting.

The delegates selected to represent North and South i.e. Armagh and Cork, were as follows:

North - Joe Horan, Brian Toal, Henry Neary.

South - Flor Crowley, Eamonn O'Carroll, Denis McSweeney.

The meeting set the seal for progressive and co-ordinated management of the sport which continues to the present day.

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