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  • Roads and Toll Roads

    ... tolls were imposed on roads along major routes in Ireland This became necessary in order to ensure that they were kept in good repair These roads were also known as turnpike roads Turnpikes ...
    • Environment & Geography
    • Carlow County Library
  • Regional Roads

    roads are smaller than National roads They consist of only two lanes one for each direction Regional roads could also be considered as local roads They can easily be recognised from signposts ...
    • Geography
    • Askaboutireland
  • Third Class Roads

    Class Roads are marked in yellow on your Ordnance Survey Map The speed limit on these roads is 80kmph There are two types of Third Class Roads those that are a minimum of 4 meters wide and those ...
    • Learning Zone
    • Askaboutireland
  • National Roads

    ... in both directions National roads can easily be recognised from signposts They always have a specific number with an N in front An example would be the N11 National Primary Roads are shown in green ...
    • Learning Zone
    • Askaboutireland
  • Roads and Railways

    ... the difference between green roads green and white roads and even red roads Click here to see what this area looks like on Google Maps Note the position of Lough Owel and Lough Ennell to help you ...
    • Geography
    • An Chomhairle Leabharlanna
  • Taylor & Skinner: Maps of the Roads of Ireland Surveyed 1777

    ... Skinner Andrew Maps of the Roads of Ireland surveyed 1777 London G Terry 1778 Size 105 7M bytes Modified 16 April 2009 13 51 George Taylor and Andrew Skinner were surveyors who had already surveyed ...
    • History & Heritage
    • Askaboutireland
  • Roads

    Mayo roads began as simple paths and tracks created by people travelling continuously along the same route sometimes laying down wood and plant materials to create a more permanent trackway One ...
    • Transport
    • Mayo County Library
  • Roads & Bridges in County Donegal - Beginnings

    ... degeneration of the existing roads or causeways At that time the Vicar General of the diocese of Raphoe referred to the roads in the diocese as those rugged paths truly like to those of the Alps or ...
    • Transport
    • Donegal Cultural Services
  • Turnpike Roads

    ... decided to improve the main roads and make their customers pay for using them These pay or toll roads were called turnpike roads In order to pass through the turnpike travellers would have to pay a ...
    • Primary Students
    • Kildare County Library
  • Types of Roads

    ... In Ireland we have primary roads secondary raods motorways bypasses and dual carraigeways There are different speed limits on these roads The fastest permitted speed in Ireland is on a motorway ...
    • Primary Students
    • Askaboutireland
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