EU Public Consultation on Seabed Mining

17th March - 6th Jun 2014

Closing date: 6th June, 2014

Why this consultation?


  • Rapid expansion in the capabilities of underwater technology
  • Concerns about a sustainable supply of raw materials for industry

Possible consequences

  • Existing extraction activities from seas and oceans, largely in shallow water, could increase
  • Mining activities in deeper water could begin

Objective of this consultation

This consultation aims to gather opinions concerning these developments in order to help the EU develop its position.

The consultation distinguishes the following classes of extraction:

shallow water aggregates mining; shallow water mining of higher value materials (gold, diamonds, heavy minerals, iron ore); deep sea mining (high value metals and minerals).

Full details on this consultation and how to submit your contribution is available on the EU Maritime Affairs and Fisheries website.

Source: EU Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

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