Citizen Science


One way in which individuals can make a meaningful contribution to climate change science is through their participation in Citizen Science projects. Citizen science is the involvement of volunteers in science. It is scientific research undertaken, in whole or in part, by amateur or non-professional scientists. One of the key driving factors for many participants is that they are not just participating for the good of a particular project, but rather are part of larger communities and are acting in the interests of the planet.

In the context of understanding climate change, individuals can make a meaningful difference to scientific knowledge across a range of Citizen Science projects globally.

Here are a number of citizen science projects related to climate change you can get involved with today:

  • NASA Observer Cloud App allows citizen scientists to work with NASA scientists as they record cloud observations and their changes.
  • Cyclone Center is a project that gathers information about tropical cyclones by having participants answer questions online about tropical cyclone imagery.
  • Old Weather helps scientists recover Arctic and worldwide weather observations recorded in ship's logs since the mid-19th century.