As mentioned previously, the public sector has the largest fleet of vehicles in the state. Given that the transportation sector produces a large amount of emissions, this is an area where the public sector can make a significant contribution to reducing Ireland’s emissions. 

The transportation network in Ireland , including, road, rail, sea and air, saw heavy investment during the economic boom and is a vital resource to Ireland’s economy, connecting businesses with local, national and international customers and suppliers. The emissions from each of these transport sectors, road, rail, sea and air, do however have a detrimental effect on climate and also on Ireland's efforts to comply with the Kyoto protocol. 
Although the emissions produced over the lifetime of a vehicle by fuel consumption will dwarf the emissions produced due to production and disposal, these emissions should still be considered.

Transportation is an absolute necessity for the operation and development of Ireland’s economy, but as the fastest growing sector in terms of energy and CO2 emissions, this sector must be tackled immediately. Measures can be put in place to reduce the emissions from an entire fleet of vehicles or for just one trip. Some require a change in thinking, maybe even a change in lifestyle. Some are as simple as taking the bus instead of taking the car.

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