Useful definitions

Total Final Consumption (TFC)

This is the energy used by the final consuming sectors of industry, transport, residential, agriculture and tertiary. It excludes the energy sector such as electricity generation and oil refining.

Total Primary Energy Requirement (TPER)

This is the total requirement for all uses of energy, including energy used to transform one energy form to another (e.g. burning fossil fuel to generate electricity) and energy used by the final consumer.

Direct Emissions

Direct emissions are from sources generally within the boundary of an organisation. Direct emissions mainly arise from the following activities: production of energy; manufacturing processes themselves (cement manufacture, for example); transportation of materials, products, waste and employees; use of mobile combustion sources, such as trucks and cars; and emissions which are intentional or unintentional greenhouse gas releases (such as methane emissions from coal mines).

Indirect Emissions

Indirect emissions are from sources generally outside the boundary of an organisation. These emissions are mainly associated with waste disposed off-site, as well as the generation of imported electricity (not generated on site), heat, steam, gas and the production and distribution of petroleum products.

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