The tourism sector comprises approximately 18,000 small to medium sized enterprises, each of which have the power and responsibility to take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The tourism industry is made up of a diverse range of businesses relating to accommodation, hospitality (bars and restaurants, etc.), activities, attractions, transport and destinations. In 2012, Failte Ireland published Facing the Challenges of Climate Change, which sets out what it will do to make Ireland’s tourism industry more sustainable. In a global context, more information on the sustainable development of tourism can be found here.

The tourism industry and the associated services and products add to Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions both directly and indirectly. Emissions from burning fossil fuels to operate equipment, manufacture goods, heat buildings and to power aircraft and cars that keep the tourism industry moving are just some of the activities that contribute to human induced climate change.

The tourism industry is a key part of the Irish economy however, and it must therefore commit to making the positive changes necessary to help shift Ireland to a low carbon economy.

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