Rail transport in Ireland is becoming considerably more popular due to the improved service of the network, with an increase in passengers to the amount of 6 million observed in 2018. Detailed rail statistics can be found here, but suffice to say that it has been demonstrated that when good quality commuter rail services are provided (LUAS, DART, Arrow, etc.) the occupancy rates are high and widely used by the public. As such, it is important to maximize the existing rail infrastructure and develop further infrastructure to provide more alternative to the use of the private car for commuters and reduce the transport emissions. 

In addition to commuter rail services, there is the potential to increase the use of the rail network for freight services. There are many environmental and social benefits to be gained from utilising rail to transport goods. Rail produces 76% less CO2 than road per tonne carried and uses less than half the fuel as road per tonne km. Therefore rail can play a valuable role in our efforts to cut carbon emissions.

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