Commuting and Daily Travel Tips

    • Try carpooling! Whether it is to work or school, you probably have a few neighbours or friends who are travelling in your direction. So, if public transportation isn’t suitable for you, at least lessen the numbers of cars on the road by driving with a full car.

    • Cycling or walking will improve your health, as well as reducing your carbon footprint. Just make sure that you have the appropriate gear (helmets for cycling, reflective clothing for both).

    • Walk the children to school when you can. You could create a walking bus with children and parents from your neighbourhood, in order to guarantee kids get to school safely and in a low-carbon manner.

    • Limit and plan your car trips. If you’re running errands, try to do them all in one location or trip. This will reduce the amount of driving you need to do from place to place.

    • Work from home, if your employer allows. If you can reduce the amount of days you travel into the office, you can reduce your carbon emissions significantly. Many offices now allow roaming access for email, allowing you to work from home. Tele-commuting can create a space where you can actively participate in meetings and discussions without actually having to go anywhere! Check with your manager if working from home is something that can be introduced to your work schedule.

    • Plan your journey ahead of time in order to avoid traffic and take the most efficient route. Any map website should help you, but try the National Journey Planner website.

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