In the  Department of Transport's  2020 Vision: Sustainable Travel and Transport it is estimated that by 2020 Irish transport emissions will have increased 265% over 1990 levels.  Your daily travel can account for a large portion of your carbon footprint, as many of the transport methods people use result in carbon emissions.

As both population and the number of cars on the road increase, roads are often congested by commuters trying to get to and from work. The emissions from these cars result both in the deterioration of air quality of the area and in a large amount of greenhouse gases.

Our continued reliance on cars to move around has not only worsened our surrounding environment, but also significantly contributed to our carbon emissions. By utilising more sustainable modes of transportation, we can lessen our impact on the environment. If we reduce the amount of carbon we produce from our transportation, quality of air, as well as our quality of life, can improve.

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