Connemara View
Courtesy of Edward and Jessica Adler and Aaron Mattfeld

County Galway lies along the west coast of Ireland. It is home to Ireland’s second largest lake, Lough Corrib (after Lough Neagh), and the famous Twelve Bens Mountain Range. It is one of Ireland’s least densely populated counties and as a result, offers fantastic support to a vibrant wildlife community.

City is also known as the ‘city of tribes’, a name that originated in the 15th century when fourteen influential families ruled over the city. A variety of wildlife is supported along the city’s waterways, and the parklands provide a natural ‘green’ environment for both people and wildlife alike.

In more recent years, a number of environmental concerns have been raised in Galway in relation to water sanitation. Severe flooding has also caused much damage to the built environment as well as the farming community.

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