Further Education and Training

The term “Further Education” embraces education and training which occurs after second-level schooling but which is not part of the third level system. The Department of Education and Science provides for programmes such as Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) courses, the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) for the unemployed, Youthreach for early school leavers, Senior Traveller Training Centre (STTC) programmes for young and adult Travellers who have left school early, adult literacy and community education.   A distinctive feature of further education generally, is its diversity and breadth of provision, and its links with other services, such as employment, training, area partnership, welfare, youth, school, juvenile liaison, justice and community and voluntary sector interests. Further education programmes are delivered locally by the Vocational Education Committees and by second level schools.

Name of group Name of Initiative Description of Initiative Contact Details
  Waste Management and Recycling

Potential solutions and change management are explored.  Course Structure:

  • Waste Hierarchy and Management
  • Legal & Commercial Background
  • Solutions to Waste and Recycling

Introduction to Sustainable Development

(FETAC accredited level 5.6)
An Introduction to Sustainable Development is run by ECO-UNESCO.  Participants develop an understanding of Sustainable Development issues and acquire critical thinking and analytical skills such as Environmental Auditing, and also workshop facilitiation.  The main focus of the course is Environmental Leadership Development.

  One-day training courses

ECO-UNESCO delivers training courses to young people, teachers, youth leaders, educators and the general public on a variety of environmental issues.  These include Waste Watchers, Energy Watchers, Climate Watchers, Environmental Education, Youth Work and Sustainability, Practical Sustainable Solutions for Organisations, Eco Choices and others.

  Peer Education for Sustainable Development The course explores peer education principles and practice with a thematic focus on sustainable development. Click for further information.  
Kimmage Development Studies Centre Economics of Sustainability This is a 10-week evening course covering such topics as environmental and ecological theories and thinkers, debt-based money systems, consequences of climate change, peak oil for economics, sustainability indicators, international policy making on sustainable development, natural resource depletion, sustainable consumption, and ecological footprints, to deepen understanding among the participants of how and why conventional economic development is impacting negatively on people and the planet.   www.kimmagedsc.ie

Waterford Institute of Technology

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness for All (SEAA) This course has been designed for anyone interested or involved in community or rural affairs, who is environmentally aware and wishes to both develop their own knowledge and pass it on to others. www.wit.ie 
West Cork Permaculture Permaculture Design Course  Permaculture is a design method that uses natural systems as models for creating sustainable human settlements using a range of sustainable solutions for energy, buildings, food and the community www.kinsalecollege.ie/
Tree & Environmental Academy
Arboriculture Courses Arboriculture involves the cultivation as well as the management of trees within the environment. Courses are aimed at anyone interested or involved in environmental areas. They are accredited by the Royal Forestry Society.



National Parks and Wildlife Service North Midlands Region Education Centre It is the role of the Educaiton Unit to raise awareness of the natural world and the importance of conserving and protecting our biodiveristy. The North Midlands Region Education Centre provides one day training courses to the general public on a variety of environmental/wildlife themes. These include: Woodland & Grassland Habitats; Freshwater Systems; Farming for Conservation; Growing Trees from Seed. This is a free service. www.northmidlandseducationcentre.ie/

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