Non-Formal Education


Environmental NGOs carry out a huge amount of work in environmental education and ESD a part of which acts as a support to formal education and complements work underway in schools, in youth groups, in business, in universities and in communities.

Name of group Name of Initiative Description of Initiative Contact Details
Cultivate Centre Community Powerdown Toolkit The Community Powerdown Toolkit is a 10-week course provided by Cultivate and aimed at community leaders who can then deliver the course in their own communities in Ireland and South Africa.  The aim of the course is to train trainers to take this learning into their own communities and develop a deeper awareness and understanding of environmental sustainability, reaching an informed, empowered position from which to initiate and effect meaningful long-term change at local level.  It uses climate change and energy crisis as the context.
CELT   The Centre for Environmental Living and Training (CELT) offers a choice of a range of traditional and ecological skills at introductory / intermediate level with professional tutors.  It is held in sheltered workshop areas in the setting of Bealkelly Oak Wood beside Lough Derg, part of the Shannon waterway.
Global Action Plan (Cork)

Ecosaver programme

The Ecosaver programme is a Global Action Plan run by Cork Environmental Forum to encourage householders to investigate and implement changes to their lives, thereby saving them money and reducing negative environmental impacts. 
Global Action Plan (GAP)   GAP run a variety of educational programmes, based mainly in the Ballymun area but also extending to Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown.  
Irish Peatland Conservation Council (IPCC) The Bog of Allen Nature Centre The centre offers an exhibition centre that educates visitors on the wild boglands of Ireland.  The exhibition centre also provides information on composting and wildlife gardening.  Courses in composting are offered around the country each year and are available at the centre for group visits.

The Hollies

Learning to Live with One Planet This is a pilot school module about sustainable living and is being run by The Hollies.  Students explore sustainability in a variety of interactive, child-centred, and experiential activities.  They get hands-on experience of sustainable building techniques and sustainable land use (organic gardening and woodland management).  
Tipperary Energy Agency Energy Awareness Programme  The Tipperary Energy Agency run an Energy Awareness Programme aimed at primary school children using a short workshop format.  This includes a 15 minute presentation followed by an interactive game to demonstrate issues of recycling, energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy in transport.

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