Government and Local Government

There are 34 Local Authorities in Ireland - 29 County Councils and 5 City Councils.   Each Local Authority has an Environmental Awareness officer to deal with many of the aspects of environmental education within the local area.

Name of group Name of Initiative Description of Initiative Contact Details
Coast Watch in conjunction with Wexford County Council Wexford Wetlands Education This programme is run in primary schools in the Wexford region.  It aims to raise awareness of the ecosystem of wetlands to children, teachers and local communities.  It tests new teaching ecology fieldwork methods with schools.
Wicklow County Council Recycling Centres Wicklow County Council runs two recycling centres which have been designed to incorporate education and awareness services.  They are permanently staffed, offer information and guided tours, and demonstrate waste prevention projects in collaboration with Oxfam.  The user-friendly facilities use a broad range of techniques, focusing on interactive methodes.  

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