The Voluntary Youth Sector comprises approximately 45 national youth organizations whose main focus and aim is the development of young people.   The National Youth Council of Ireland is the umbrella body for voluntary youth organisations.

Name of group Name of Initiative Description of Initiative Contact Details
ECO-UNESCO Youth for Sustainable Development This is a new programme developed by ECO-UNESCO, which has received multi-annual funding from Irish Aid until 2010.  The programme aims to empower young people and raise awareness in them about Sustainable Development and related issues including climate change.  The programme comprises a 3-day youth peer education programme to assist youth organisations incorporate ESD into their youth work. 


ECO-Choices is a programme aimed at at risk young people promoting their personal development through environmental education.  It encourages young people to make positive life choices.  The programme consists of a peer education programme, a training the trainers programme and a resource pack.

National Youth Development Education Programme (NYCI) One World Week One World Week is a week of youth-led awareness raising, education and action that takes place throughout Ireland annually.  The theme for the week is chosen by youth organisations and young people in partnership with development agencies.  In 2006 the theme was global health.  In 2005 it was participation by young people to change the world and involved a national action focused on tackling climate change.  This was linked to the UN Summit on Climate Change and was run in partnership with Friends of the Earth.

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