Waste Enforcement

Nationally, waste enforcement in 2018 was on 'Target', decreasing from 'Above Target' in 2016 and 2017 (EPA, 2020). Specific areas of interest within this include:

  • Only 57% of waste collection permit validations were completed by local authorities in 2018, and therefore meeting 'Unacceptable' performance.
  • 97% of local authorities are on or above 'Target' in achieving planned waste inspection targets, an increase from 64% in 2014.
  • Number of litter inspections being conducted remains on 'Target'. This indicates that local authorities are fulfilling the required number of surveys set for each authority. However, as in previous years littering remains an area of concern nationally.
  • Local authorities operate a number of waste facilities that are licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) e.g. civic amenity sites. In 2018, local authority performance was 'Outstanding' regarding the operation of such sites.
  • Submission of local authority waste data to the EPA decreased from on 'Target' in 2017 to 'Below Target' in 2018.

Overall, 2 local authorities were 'Excellent', 16 were 'Above Target' or 'On Target', and 13 were 'Below Target', 'Minimum', or 'Unsatisfactory' with respect to waste enforcement in 2018 (EPA, 2020).

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