Cost of Noise Pollution


The problem of noise pollution is more concerned with how it impacts your well-being, rather than how  it affects your wallet. However, there has been a study by the OECD, an international organisation helping governments tackle the economic, social and governance challenges of a globalised economy, which reported on the social costs from transport noise. Social costs included:

  • Lower property values;
  • Health care costs that spiral when dealing with loss of sleep, hearing problems or stress;
  • Reduced work income due to poor concentration, communication difficulties or fatigue due to insufficient rest.

How Much It Could Cost You

Proposals for a new Noise Bill were outlined in 2010. Following that, a Noise Nuisance Bill tabled in 2013 was expected to be published in the lifetime of the current (2015) government. However, it has been postponed. More advice on nuisance noise can be found here.

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