Further Advice

Where can I get further advice?

Further information and advice on asbestos is available from a number of sources.

  • Manufacturers, installers and retailers of equipment can usually advise you on whether materials contain asbestos and recommend remedial measures.
  • Your local authority will advise on asbestos disposal.
  • You should contact an environmental health officer of your local health board if you are concerned about the health aspects of exposure to asbestos.
  • You should consult your general practitioner or health board if you are concerned about your own health or the health of a member of your family and feel you/they have been exposed to asbestos.
  • You should contact the Health and Safety Authority, The Metropolitan Building, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1 (Tel: 1890 289 389  Email: wcu@hsa.ie ) if you wish to obtain information in relation to the handling and use of asbestos.


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