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Luas Cross City

Worldwide, light rail transit has become a measure of the revival in public transportation. With around 400 systems running in 50 countries and an additional 260 being built or planned, light rail is being advanced in cities keen to promote more sustainable travel solutions.

Luas Cross City, which launched in December 2017, is an extension of the existing Luas light rail network in Dublin city centre. It offers a fast and reliable modern transport system, links central city business precincts, is expected to increase public transport use in the coming decades and reduces city centre congestion. Additionally, in its environmental impact assessment for the Luas Cross City, Transdev maintained there would be a 17 per cent decline in CO2 emissions in the city centre as more people replace car transport with using the Luas.

Proposals for a light rail system in Cork city are also currently being advanced. 

Dublin Bikes

Dublin bikes is a public bicycle rental scheme which has been in operation since 2009. At its launch, the scheme used 450 bicycles with 40 stations. Dublin was the 17th city to implement such a scheme, and it was considered one of the most successful bike sharing schemes in the world. By 2019, 29.5 million journeys had been taken since inception and  66,400 people held long term subscriptions to the scheme (DublinBikes, 2020). 

Bus Connects

Bus Connects aims to radically change the current bus system in Dublin through a 10 year programme of integrated actions to deliver a more efficient, reliable and enhanced bus service for more people. This is expected to be achieved through;

  • Building a network of new bus corridors to make journey's faster and more reliable.
  • New network of cycle lanes/tracks.
  • Redesign of the Dublin area bus network to provide a more efficient network with high frequency spines, new orbital routes and increased bus services.
  • New state-of-the-art ticketing system.
  • Implementation of a cashless payment system.
  • Simpler fare structure.
  • New bus stops and shelters with better signage and information.
  • Provision of bus based Park and Ride sites in key locations.
  • New bus livery providing a common style across different operators.
  • Transitioning to a new bus fleet with low emission vehicle technologies.

Metro Link

A comprehensive review of public transport facilities for the Fingal/North Dublin was undertaken in 2015 to examine medium to long term public transport needs of the region. The study considered a wide range of possible schemes to serve the public transport needs including previously proposed schemes and potential new schemes. Following this, the Authority has recommended that “Metro Link” be developed, running underground from St Stephens Green through Ballymun, under Dublin Airport and through Swords (by-pass), in order to best meet the future transport needs of this rapidly growing region. The Authority has commenced initial work on the design and planning stages of the Metro Link in collaboration with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII).

Metro North Map
Courtesy National Transport Authority

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