National, Regional and Local Planning

National and Regional Planning

The Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage, along with the Government, has responsibility for overall development of national planning policy and legislation. The Minister also ensures that these policies are implemented at local and regional levels.

The National Planning Framework - Project Ireland 2040 details the policy and framework for development to 2040 nationally. It creates a structure to combine different Government policies and investment on national and regional development, and guide economic development and investment in housing, water services, transport, communications, energy, health and education infrastructure.

Three Regional Assemblies (Northern and Western Regional Assembly, Southern Regional Assembly, and Eastern and Midland Regional Assembly) are responsible for Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies which coordinate planning and development in their respective areas.

Local Planning

Planning at local level is the responsibility of local planning authorities. They produce development plans, local area plans and planning schemes which guide development in their areas. They are responsible for assessing most planning applications and for enforcement of planning in their areas. Some local authorities have Strategic Development Zones in their areas. These detailed planning schemes are approved by Government and fast-track the planning process for development in accordance with the scheme e.g. Clonburris, County Dublin.

Local authorities develop city or county Development Plans which are adopted by their elected representatives every six years. These Development Plans are informed by national and regional planning strategies and guidance issued by the Minister and the Government. An example of a development plan for Dublin City Council 2016-2022 can be found here.

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