Irish Enforcement

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Office of Environmental Enforcement (OEE) enforces and supervises regional and national waste issues. Regular checks by the OEE ensure a constant flow of information from both the Government agency and local authorities. They also have the power to sanction legally binding instructions and prosecutions.

The EPA formed an enforcement network to provide higher and more regulated standards of management. Illegal dumping and unauthorised waste movement are the priorities. There are a number of waste issues that need constant monitoring;

  • The management of construction and demolition waste
  • Fly-tipping and backyard burning of waste
  • Operation of Waste Facilities without the requisite authorisation
  • Dealing with approximately 20 illegal sites in Northern Ireland containing waste originating in the Republic of Ireland.

You can also play a part by reporting unauthorised dumping. If you witness environmental pollution such as fly-tipping, littering or backyard burning you can report it using the 24-hour nationwide environmental complaints phone line (1850 365 121). These complaints are monitored by all local authorities.

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