Skills and Concepts

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Through working on this theme, it is hoped that the children will be able to develop the following skills and concepts:

A sense of place and space
  • awareness and appreciation of occupations of people in the community
  • awareness of people from other places

Extension task: Teacher can develop awareness of names and locations of clothes shops in the local community and in larger shopping centers

Geographical investigation skills
  • identify materials/fabrics which are waterproof
  • Observation of pictures
  • Developing children's questioning skills using pictures

Extension tasks with teacher:
Recording weather conditions in different seasons and linking this to clothing worn.
Data-surveys relating to favourite clothing.
Investigating the effect of water on a variety of materials and fabrics.

Maps, globes and graphical skills
  • examine photographs of clothes shops and shopping centres
  • Observe the location of shops

Extension tasks with teacher:
Using a picture map to locate local clothes shops and shopping centres.
Identifying the location of specific shops on a simple map of a shopping centre.
Surveying and graphing the children's favourite clothes shops and favourite clothes.