Feed Wild Birds

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Bird feeding isn’t just a wintertime activity! You might be surprised that food is still scare in the spring for our feathered friends.

The weather can still be cool in the spring so a lot of insects will wait a little longer to come out. That means the insect-eating birds have to wait a little longer for their food.

You can help our feathered friends by giving them dinner! Put a little water on whole meal bread crumbs and scatter them in the garden. It is easier for birds to swallow moist bread. Oat flakes are very good for birds too. Below are some more favourite foods for garden birds.

Nuts and seeds:
Peanuts – make sure to put them in a mesh peanut feeder. Whole peanuts can be harmful to young birds.

Sunflower seeds

Don’t waste any fat! It’s very good for garden birds. Meat ends, bacon rinds and dinner leftovers are a favourite for birds. You can also make your own ‘fat ball’ for them.

  1. Put some scraps of stale bread or cake in an empty yoghurt pot.
  2.   Ask an adult to melt some fat and pour it into the yoghurt pot as well.
  3.   Wait for it to set.
  4.   Turn it out. Now you have your own homemade ‘fat ball’.
  5.   Tie string around it and hang it in the garden.

You can also add some seeds and dried fruit to the ‘fat ball’.

If you put fruit in your garden, lots of birds will visit! Cut some pears and apples in half. You can leave them on the ground, or push them onto the ends of branches.