Green Homes

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The Green Homes Project was launched in May 2008. This project focuses on waste reduction, water conservation and energy efficiency in the home, as well as promoting sustainable travel.

Is your family involved in the Green Homes Project?

You can join up with the rest of the Green Homes community on Here you will find out lots more information on the project and great tips on how to keep your home environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

On this website, you can even fill out a survey that will give you a percentage result on how 'green' your home is.

Once you've made some changes in your home, for example energy and waste reduction, you can take the survey again. It will then tell you how much you have improved, and how much 'greener' your home is becoming.

By now you've learned a lot about the environment and how to help keep it clean. Think about the aims of the Green Homes Project:

  • waste reduction
  • water conservation
  • energy efficiency
  • sustainable travel

Could you make any suggestions on how your family could achieve the Green Homes Project aims?

Look through the list of pages on the left - there are lots of ideas in this section to help you!