Grow Your Own Vegetables

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Would you like fresh lettuce plucked from your very own vegetable patch?

Vegetables are good for us and we need to eat fruit and vegetables five times a day.

Not everyone loves brussel sprouts, but carrots and beans are fun, easy to grow and very tasty. Your friends will like it when veggies come out of the ground from your very own veggie patch!

This is how you can make your own veggie patch

  1. Mark out a space in your garden and turn over the sod with a shovel or spade
  1. Till the soil to break it up and loosen it.
  1. Make parallel ridges of soil called drills and plant the vegetable seeds inside them. Make sure to space the seeds so they have room to grow. If you are planting different types of vegetables plant them in separate drills.
  1. Feed the growing vegetables with fertiliser and make sure to keep them watered in dry weather.
  1. Use sprays to kill insects and a spade or shovel to dig up any weeds that sprout in the drills.

You could grow your own spuds, strawberries, lettuce, carrots and spinach. Spinach is the vegetable that made Popeye very strong! It’s full of goodness, vitamins and iron. One serving of spinach has more iron than a hamburger!

Source: Crann Magazine