How to Compost

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Composting is fun!

It’s easy to learn how to make compost and it really helps the garden grow.

1. Where to put the compost bin:

Choose a spot in the garden for your compost bin. Put it on bare soil and in a place it is easy to get to. Make sure to leave plenty of space around it.

2. The recipe for compost!

You will need an even mix of brown materials and green materials.

What to put in your compost bin?

Brown material:
dead, dried plant parts like leaves and twigs
egg shells

Green material:
fresh, living plant parts like grass cuttings and weeds
raw vegetable scraps
tea bags
raw fruit

Don’t Use:

Meat, bones, cheese, fat, milk, oils, animal droppings, diseased plants

A typical compost bin

Other animals might try to dig up meat or bones. Then you would have a very messy garden! Diseased garden plants can spread disease back into the garden when you use the compost.

3. Making the compost:

Build the compost bin in layers of different material. Start with the brown material, then add green and so on.

If the compost is too dry, just add some water. If it is too wet, add some brown material like newspaper.



Now let nature do its job! Tiny micro-organisms (that you can’t see without a microscope) will work on making the compost. Later you might see larger insects, like worms, in the compost bin.

When it is ready to use, it will be a dark brown colour. It will smell of earth and plants love it!