Living by the 3Rs Rule

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Here are a few ideas to help you start living by the 3Rs rule:


  • PAPER: Think about the amount of paper you use. How much paper do you use when printing work from the computer? Try printing on both sides instead of using single sheets all the time. What type of paper is your copybook made from? The next time you need a new copybook, look for the one that's made from recycled material.
  • WRAPPING. If you take your lunch to school with you, put it in a lunch box. This will cut out any unnecessary wrappings like tinfoil or plastic bags.  Cut out the amount of treats you buy with extra wrapping, e.g. buy fruit instead of bars with foil wrapping. Its healthier too!
  • FOOD. At mealtimes, only take the amount of food that you will eat. Remember, the less food wasted, the better it is for the environment.


  • PAPER: Use both sides of a sheet of paper before you throw it out. Use it as a rough work sheet, for drawing or for making paper models.
  • BOTTLES: If you bring a drink with you to school, take it in a reusable bottle instead of throwing away individual cartons every day.
  • BATTERIES: Use rechargeable batteries instead of buying new ones every time they are used.
  • BAGS: Plastic bags can be used over and over again!


  • PAPER, PLASTIC & TINS: Most homes now have recycling bins for different types of waste. If you don't have these bins at home, you can bring the recycling material to your local recycling centre.

  • COMPOST HEAP: Compost heaps are a great way to really reduce the amount of waste we create!

    You can add egg shells, teabags, fruit peels, leaves, wood and almost anything organic (that was once a living thing). It's better not to add meat and fish though, as they attract flies.

    It is also a great source of food for worms, beetles and tiny insects.
  • CLOTHES: If you have grown too big for your clothes, don't just throw them away! Take them to a charity shop, or put them in the clothes bin at the recycling centre.