Use Less Water

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1. Stop the leak!
Leaky taps and pipes waste a lot of water. If you find a leak at home or at school, tell your parents or your teacher...and make sure they get it fixed!

2. Don’t run while brushing your teeth
A running tap wastes 6 litres of water every minute. Make sure to turn off the tap when you brush your teeth.

3. Take a shower, not a bath
A five minute shower uses half the amount of water as a bath.

4. Re-use water
Wash fruit and vegetables in a basin of water, not under a running tap. You can then re-use the water to feed your plants.

5. Think bucket, not hose!
If you are watering the plants or cleaning the car, use a bucket and say ‘NO’ to the hose. A running hose uses 500 litres of water every hour – what a waste!

6. Wait for a full load
The washing machine should only go on when there is a full load. You may have to wait a little longer for your favourite clothes, but remember you’ll be helping to save water.

7. Keep water in the fridge
If you like drinking cold water, then keep a bottle in the fridge. Letting the tap run just to cool the water is a huge waste

8. Tell your friends
Tell all your friends how to save water – and how easy it is! The more people the help, the more water we’ll save.