Make a Bird Feeder

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If you love bird watching, making a milk carton bird feeder is a fun and easy way to attract more feathered friends to your own garden!

You will need:

An empty milk carton

Piece of bamboo/thin stick

Thin wire, or strong string

Scissors, or craft knife




What to do:

  1. Clean out the milk carton thoroughly.
  2. Use the crayon to outline the shape of the opening on the front of the milk carton. Don’t forget to leave about 2 inches at the bottom of the carton for the birdseed.
  3. Cut out the hole using the scissors, or craft knife.
  4. Poke the piece of bamboo/stick through the front wall of the milk carton below the opening, and push right through so it pokes out the back wall. Birds can use this as a perch.
  5. Make a hole in the top of the milk carton using the hole-punch.
  6. Thread the wire/string through the hole.
  7. Fill the bottom with birdseed and hang on a tree that you can see easily from your house!

For added protection from the rain, you could also glue lollipop sticks to the roof of the carton.