Irish Art

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Early Irish Art

The earliest art to survive in Ireland is from the Stone Age. It dates to about 3,500BC. Most of this art is found at megalithic tombs. It is made up of designs, for example spirals and zig-zags. Sometimes there are flower designs and faces as well.

These designs are carved into the huge stones at these tombs. They are also found on pottery and other objects inside them. These designs were probably painted on objects and carved onto wood as well. However, materials like paint and wood do not survive today.

Most of this type of art is found at the megalithic tombs at Newgrange and Knowth in the Boyne Valley in Co. Meath. There is also some at Loughcrew in Co. Meath. This type of art is also found in Iberia and Brittany.


Today, this early style of Irish art is still very popular. It is seen as an Irish national style. It is found on many tourist gifts, on company logos and in tattoo art.