How to Save Energy

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House warmth in winter

House warmth in winter

More ideas for saving energy at home

  1. Electricity: Switch off all radios, televisions and anything else that uses electricity (except, of course, the fridge and freezer!) when you're not using them.
  2. Lights: Only switch on the light if you really need it!
  3. Fridge: Close the fridge door properly. Cold air escapes quickly and it takes a lot of electricity to reduce the temperature again.
  4. Computer: Shut down the computer completely after use instead of just logging off.
  5. Travel: Walk or cycle to school if you live close by.
  6. Heating: Keep the doors in your house closed. This stops heat escaping so you don't need to use as much energy on heating!

  7. Shopping: Help your parents with the shopping. Look for energy saving bulbs instead of regular ones, and look out for the recycled symbol on products.