5th & 6th Class

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Pdf Eco Detectives workbook: 5th & 6th Class
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This section of Eco Detectives is aimed at 5th and 6th Class pupils. The enquiries and activities are appealing to children who at this age should be starting to use problem-solving techniques; be receptive to critical thinking and dilemma exercises; be able to represent and interpret data and make decisions based on it and be able to communicate and express themselves clearly.

Make the children feel as if they are real eco-detectives by examining both what the future holds for their local environment and the issues around climate change.

What might the effects of climate change (i.e. Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming) on our future world be? How can the children themselves change their behaviour both at school and at home in working towards addressing the challenges of climate change and protecting their local environment? Encourage the children to describe everything they see through class discussions, drawings and activities.

These results can often be displayed in the classroom or around the school for all to enjoy!


Enquiry 15: Climate Change – The Big Issue

Enquiry 16: The Ice Cycle

  • Investigation 16: Snow to Ice

Enquiry 17: Changing Seas

  •  Investigation 17a: What happens when ice melts at sea?
  •  Investigation 17b: What happens when ice melts on land?

Enquiry 18: Climate Change Mystery: Why did Annie Slater break her ankle in 2040?

  •  Investigation 18: Why did Annie Slater break her ankle in 2040?

Enquiry 19: What futures are possible in Ireland?

  •  Investigation 19a: A day in Dublin, 2040
  •  Investigation 19b: Imaging the Future

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