Map Development in Ireland

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In this next section we are going to look at how maps of Ireland improved through the ages.

Take a look at these two maps of Donegal - notice how much more accurate and detailed the later map is.

The first map is the Taylor & Skinner map of Donegal from 1778.

The map shows the area between Killybegs and Mountcharles in south County Donegal.

Did you notice that the place-names along the road were in fact the surnames of property owners such as MacDowall Esquire ? Can you find the names of three other landowners on the map?

The second map is an Ordnance Survey map of northern Donegal from 1912. This map includes information such as contour lines, shading and spot heights all of which tell us detailed information about the type of countryside which the map represents. This map was part of a comprehensive series produced by Ordnance Survey Ireland.

Which of these maps would you prefer to use to get from A to B in Donegal?

These two examples show much Irish map-making had improved in those 134 years. Let's look at some more.


1778 Taylor and Skinner map of Donegal

1778 Taylor and Skinner map of Donegal