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Is the Castle still standing today?

MacDonagh MacCarthy died around 1625, the castle and title was passed onto another clansman, Dermot McOwen. In 1632, the family was in financial ruin after funding various rebellions against the English and paying for the upkeep of the castle. McOwen had to hand over the ownership of his title and Kanturk Castle to Sir Phillip Percival, as he owed him vast sums of money.

Sir Phillip stripped the castle of its unique fireplaces to put them into his other homes. The castle remained in his family until 1900 when it was donated to The National Trust.

Kanturk Castle, Co. Cork

Kanturk Castle is unique as it was the last castle in Ireland to be owned by the English National Trust. It was handed over to An Taisce in 2000, President Mary McAleese attended the ceremony at the castle to accept the deeds on behalf of the Irish people.