Rathdown Slabs

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  • Rathdown Slabs

At certain church grounds in Rathdown you will find mysterious stones on display on the walls of the old buildings.

Although they are usually found in church grounds, the slabs were not carved by monks or priests.

They were created by the Vikings thousands of years ago for use as gravestones.

You can see from the picture how simple the slabs appear. However, sources like this can be very helpful in understanding the past.

Let's read on to find out more...

The Dalkey Rathdown Slab: St. Begnat's Church

There is a large Rathdown slab on permanent display in Dalkey Heritage Centre. This is the description of it:

'It is a granite slab, four feet nine inches high and one foot nine inches wide. the one unearthed in Saint Begnets' Church Dalkey, is the most impressive of these.'

The slab was discovered accidentally in 1855 when 'Red Bill' Harwood, an old seaman, pointed out the place where he wished to be buried. A short while later workmen digging his grave unearthed the Dalkey Rathdown Slab.