Thomas Kettle

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Thomas Kettle (1880-1916) was an Irish nationalist, poet, lawyer, politician and soldier.

His father, Andrew J. Kettle, was one of the founders of the Land League. Thomas was the seventh of twelve children.

A good student, he was educated at North Richmond Street Christian Brothers' School, Clongowes Wood College and University College Dublin (UCD).

He was called to the bar in 1905 and practiced law for three years. In 1908, he was appointed Professor of National Economics at UCD.

He entered politics and at the young age of twenty-six was elected to the House of Commons for the Irish Party. He soon became well known as a great speaker and writer, touring the US on behalf of his party. Kettle sympathised with the 1913 strikers and wrote about the plight of Dublin's poor citizens.

He married Mary Sheehy, who was active in the suffragist movement. Mary was a daughter of David Sheehy (1844-1932), a well-known MP and former member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood. She was also a sister of Hanna Sheehy-Skeffington, the renowned suffragist, feminist, trade union activist and republican.