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  • Life in Fingal in the Past

Timeless Toys

Let's learn about childhood toys and games in Fingal in the past. You can find out if these games have anything in common with the games you and your friends enjoy playing.

Times may change but many things remain the same. Some types of toys and games are as popular with children today as they were when our grandparents, and even our great-grandparents, were children.

Toys like rocking horses, such as the one in this picture, may be made from different materials today. However, they still provide the same enjoyment to children as they did generations ago.

Take a look at the girl in this old photograph. Can you see what she is holding? She is holding a doll. Dolls are still a very popular toy but the materials used to make them have changed.

The doll in the picture was probably made from fabric, and may have been stuffed with straw or old rags. These days, dolls are usually made from plastic. Many dolls today can even talk, cry and move.