Life in Galway City Today

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  • Aspects of Galway City and County

Growth Spurt

Galway is often said to be one of Europe's fastest growing cities. In the 1996 Census, the population of the city was 57,241. In 2006, it was 72,414. In just ten years the population grew by more than 25%.

How can a city grow so fast?

What kind of changes happen when a city or town begins to increase in size?

The 21st Century

Many people have come to Galway to work. When people move to a new city they need somewhere to live. Many new houses and apartments have been built in Galway in the past decade. The city has spread in every direction and is now bigger than ever before.

As well as people moving to the city to live, thousands of people travel there everyday to work in the new factories and businesses which have opened. New roads, bypasses and roundabouts have been built to help ease traffic congestion.

In addition to the people who live and work in the city all year round thousands of people visit Galway as tourists every year. They need some where to stay so there are now more hotels, hostels and guesthouses than ever before.

Over to You

In your area, the population may have increased or decreased over the years. Can you think of reasons for population change in your local area?