About Galway

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  • Aspects of Galway City and County

Where is Galway?

Galway is located in the west of Ireland.

If you want to see where Galway is located you can look it up in an atlas. There is probably an atlas in your classroom or your school library.

You can also use Google Maps or other maps on the internet.

Can you find Galway using Google Maps?


Galway is the largest county in Connacht, and the second largest county in the whole of Ireland.

Click on the image to see a map of Galway from 1837.

The county town is also called Galway. It is the fourth largest city in Ireland. In the west of the county, Clifden is the most important town. The east of the county has a number of large towns including Athenry, Tuam, Gort and Ballinalsoe.

Click on Lewis' map again and see if you can find the towns mentionned above.

There are 18 inhabited islands in County Galway. The Aran islands have the largest population. Can you find the Aran Islands on the map?