The Battle of Aughrim

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  • Aspects of Galway City and County

Before the Battle

Aughrim is a small village in East Galway. In 1691, the bloodiest battle in Irish history took place near the village. Over 7000 people died and the result of the battle would affect Irish history for hundreds of years.

List of Casualties at the Battle of Aughrim Aughrim was one of a number of important battles fought in Ireland during theWilliamite Wars. The two sides in the war were known as the Williamites and the Jacobites. The Jaocbites had retreated behind the Shannon and held Connacht. After a bloody siege in Athlone, the Williamite troops, under the command of Godert de Ginkel, crossed the Shannon and entered Connacht. Having entered Connacht they planned to gain control of the towns of Galway and Limerick.

The Battle and After

The Jacobites, under a Frenchman named St. Ruth, attempted to block the Williamite advance into Connacht. The two armies faced each other at Aughrim on July 12, 1691.

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The battle raged all day and as evening drew in, St. Ruth thought victory was near for his side. As he rode down to deliver orders to some of his troops a canon ball fired by the enemy tore his head from his body. The Williamites were victorious.

After the Jacobites' defeat at Aughrim, the city of Galway surrendered without a fight and Limerick surrendered after a short siege.